1 Nephi 1: 1, 3
...therefore I make a record of my proceedings in my days. And I know that the record which I make is true; and I make it with mine own hand; and I make it according to my knowledge.

^^That pretty much explains this blog.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

All I Ask

From a Facebook post (MY COMMENTS):

Your Mother carried you inside of her womb for nine whole months, she felt sick for months with nausea (IT FELT LIKE I HAD THE FLU FOR 3 MONTHS), then she watched her feet swell and her skin stretch and tear (I PROUDLY HAD NO STRETCH MARKS WITH 4 PREGNANCIES).
She struggled to climb stairs, she got breathless quickly and even a simple task like putting her shoes on was a huge struggle for her (THANK GOODNESS VELCRO SNEAKERS CAME OUT THAT YEAR OF MY FIRST PREGNANCY. I COULD FASTEN THEM HANDS-FREE BY USING MY OTHER FOOT. YAY, VELCRO).
She suffered many sleepless nights (I FINALLY ENDED UP SLEEPING ON A RECLINER BECAUSE I COULDN'T SLEEP HORIZONTALLY) while you kicked and squirmed inside of her and. . . while you demanded that she scoffed junk (?? NOT SURE WHAT THIS MEANS, BUT I PROBABLY DID IT) at 3a.m., she then went through EXCRUCIATING PAIN to bring you into this world (I DID IT 4 TIMES).
She became your nurse, your chef, your maid, your chauffeur, your biggest fan, your teacher, your agony aunt and your best friend. She's struggled for you, cried over you, fought for you, put herself second for you, hoped the best for you and has driven herself insane with worry for you but never has she asked for anything in return because she loves you and did it all on love alone!
Most of us take our Mums for granted but there are people who have lost or have never even seen theirs.
If you have a loving Mother who did all of this for you, you are very lucky. Never devalue her worth because one day, you'll wish you hadn't!

My "tummy" was twice as big as this graphic, though. Just sayin'.

Good portrayal.
I never thought I would have enough courage to be a mom. I hope I was a decent one. I hope my children are 100% better at being a parent than I was. I can honestly say, I was 100% better than mine.

I do ask for some consolations, though.
  • Think about what you do. Reflect well your actions on your family. We are all bonded forever. I don't want that bond broken for any reason.
  • Always remain true to the values, standards and faith that were painstakingly instilled in you.
  • Remember who you are, or, rather, who you were when you were under my mom-tutelage.
  • Strive to be 100% better than I was because I know I was 100% better than my own parents.
  • Please show me respect. I have proven myself to deserve it (see above).
  • Know that I love you and always will. I hope you will always love me, too.
That's all I ask.